Foden Genealogy

Below are some Foden family "highlights".

Richard Foden

My earliest known Foden ancestor is Richard Foden, born in the mid 17th Century and married to either Margaret Bloomsfield or Sarah Hollingsworth. His eldest son Leah was born about 1678 in Chesire (probably in the Gawsworth/Prestbury area).

James Foden

By the mid 18th Century the Fodens were still involved in farming. James Foden, born in 1750 seems to have led an interesting life, he was married 3 times - an indication that child-bearing was a risky business and indeed life in general much harder than today.

Nathan Foden

Nathan Foden (1838-1927) reached the grand old age of 89 and had jobs as an agricultural labourer and a "road man" working at the Post Office. Thinking about it, he would have lived through the Industrial Revolution and experienced the move from farming to the more industrialised occupations.

His second marriage was to Ann Ash, author of the Ann Ash Bible.

Samuel Blackshaw Foden

Samuel and May Foden Pictured here with his wife May, Samuel B Foden (1869-1941) was born in Marton, Cheshire. He was a tailor by profession. He lived in Astbury Street, Congleton and worked as a tailor (according to my Grand-mother this was in the High Street). My grand-mother believed that the photo was taken at Brick House Farm near Sandbach.

As a family they experienced the tragedy of losing 2 sons in the 2 World Wars of the 20th Century, Samuel at the Somme in 1918 and Norman who went down on HMS Kite on the penultimate day of World War II.

Lily Foden

Lily Foden My grand-mother Lily Foden (1904-1987), my connection to the Foden line. I remember her very well, I used to visit her at least every other Sunday.

Leah Foden's Inventory

The early Fodens were farmers. Found alongside Leah Foden's will, the following inventory gives an interesting insight into their property and equipment:

20 Milking Cows with Fodder: 50 -0' 0d
6 Two Year Olds: 6 -10s 0d
5 Year Olds: 2 -15' 0d
4 Horses with Gears and Hay: 16 -0' 0d
2 Muck Carts, 2 Wheel Barrows, 1 Corn Cart & Corn Chest, 1 Slead, 2 Plows, 4 Harrows, 2 Marle Cart and Tumbrells and Drite: 5 -10' 0d
1 Young Swine: 16' 0d
Wheat: 6 -0' 0d
Oats in the House and Barn: 5 -0' 0d
Barley Unthrashed: 5 -0' 0d
Winnowed Barley: 2 -5' 0d
A Parcell of Cheese: 30 -0' 0d

One Dresser, 18 pewter dishes, 32 plates: 3 -0' 0d
One Screen, 2 Joynt Cheers: 13' 0d
One Clock and Case: 2 -2' 6d
5 Chairs, 4 Stools, 3 Cushions: 0 -3' 6d
2 Iron Grates, Fire Shovel and Tongs: 1 -0' 0d
One Dripping - pan and other Iron Toys: 5' 0d

One Bed with ye furniture: 2 -15' 0d
One Chest, one Coffer, one Desk, two Stools, one Warming pan: 1 -0' 0d

One Table: 2' 0d

One Brass pot, one brass Mortar and pestel, and some Whiteware: 10' 0d

2 Barrells: 3' 6d

One Bed and Bedding as it Stands: 4 -0' 0d
2 Boxes and Close Stoole, 2 Chairs: 1 -0' 0d
4 Chairs, 1 Table, 2 Cushions: 8' 0d
A parcell of White ware: 1' 6d

2 Beds and Bedding, one Coffer: 3 -0' 0d

3 Funnells, 10 Cheesevats, and other wooden ware: 1 -12' 0d
4 Dozen Bottles: 4' 0d

2 Saddles, 2 Pillions, 1 Packet: 1 -4' 0d
One Barrell, one Kneading trough: 4' 0d
2 Shovels, 2 forks: 3' 6d

5 Brass pans, 2 Brass Kettles: 2 -10' 0d
One Cheese tubb and other Wooden ware: 1 -4 0d
2 Cheese presses: 16' 0d
6 Sives, some Earthenware: 2' 6d
One half measure, one half peck, 2 Basketts: 5' 0d

4 Cheese - boards, 5 Sacks: 9' 0d
One Weigh board and Beam: 1' 0d

2 Beds, Blankets and Sheets: 2 -10' 0d
One Coffer and Cheese board and Small tubb: 2' 6d

Old Iron and Scailes: 11' 0d

One Bed and Bedstocks, one Coffer, 12 Napkins, 7 pair of Sheets, 3 Table Cloths: 7 -10' 0d

5 Wheels and a parcell of Hemp: 10' 0d
One Brass Pott, one Brass Kettle: 15' 0d
Seen or Unseen: 5' 0d
Saddle and Bridle purse and apparell: 61 -0' 0d

TOTAL: 231 -18' 6d

John GALLIMOW and Josia CRAGGS (Appraisors)

With grateful acknowledgement to Mark W Egginton for providing this interesting item.